Rencontre avec Nemanja NIKOLIC – Coach Basket et Aventures 2016


Directeur technique de la plus grande académie de basket Serbe, Nemanja Nikolic nous fait l’honneur de sa présence cet été, au stage Basket et Aventures à Arles sur Tech (66) … Zoom en anglais sur le 2ème coach venants de Serbie cet été:

  1. Introduce yourself in 2 or 3 sentences: Where you are from?who you coach? play?

I’m Nemanja, coach from Belgrade, Serbia. I’ve been coaching for 6 years now working for BC Beko. Also I had a great chance to work with international players at Yubac, summer international basketball camp and at Basket & Aventures. Occasionally, I still play basketball in local club.

  1. Which player is your favorite basketball player?

Wow, among tons of great players it’s really difficult to pick one. I have mixed emotions between Steph Curry and Bogdan Bogdanovic, but I would rather pick Bogdan!

  1. Which is your favorite movie?

It’s definitely the Inception.

  1. Which is your favorite plate?

I adore pancakes, especially ones white chocolate, “Plazma” (famous cookie here in Serbia) and milk.

  1.    Which is you favorite team?

I’m a big fan of Partizan, Belgrade. It’s the local basketball club competing in the Adriatic league and the champion of FIBA European League in 1992.

  1. Which is your best basketball memories?  trophy? Story to tell?

While I was the player we played against one of the local clubs during the group phase of the championship. During both games we lost of over 30 points deficit. Later the season we came across the same team in 1/16 finals and were supposed to play two matches against them. The team with better score would advance to 1/8 finals. We managed to beat them by 13p at home and lost by 7p in the second match which led us to the next phase. It was the great example of how much we advanced during the season and were ready to give our best despite previous results.

  1. 1239585_429165847205018_1324060568_nHow was your season this year?

Pretty good season is behind me and my team. I lead U16 team until the half-season when I had to step down due to personal reasons. During the whole season, my team (boys and girls from 7 to 10 years old) and I were learning new basketball s kills and advancing each and every day. In Mini Beko League we won 12 games in a row.


  1.   Do you have a message for this summer campers?

Dear campers, after long and tough season you can all get ready for the best period of the year – summer! Throughout my coach and player career it was most exciting period for me, giving me the chance to work on myself and my team, meet new players and coaches and have a tons of fun at the same time. I expect nothing less this year at Basket & Aventures! P1250569 (Copier)


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