Rencontre avec Miljan VORKAPIC– Coach Basket et Aventures 2016

P12005631.  Introduce yourself in 2 or 3 sentences: Where you are from?who you coach? play?

My name is Miljan Vorkapic I am from Croatia, small town Ogulin where I work as a teacher in high school and basketball coach in local team. I still play for senior team . I have finish FECC FIBA certificate and ICAB Certificate in  the USA on university of Delaware and  LeHigh. I am in the gym every day minimum 2 practice and love to do basketball never get tired of practice, work and getting better or getting others better.

2.   Which player is your favorite basketball player?

I can say there is no one favourite, every decade have one as a kid i loved Michael Jordan, than as a teenager come Kobe Bryant, but as I grew up in ex Yugoslavia where we had our heroes  like Dražen Petrović, Aleksandar Đorđević. Right now I like a lot Kevin Durant, Khawai Leonard, Miloš Teodosić., maybe there is some favourite 5 than a player. Teodosić, Curry,Leonard, Durant, P.GasolP1200561

3.  Which is your favorite movie?

Lord of the rings trilogy is the best

4. Which is your favorite plate?

Sea fish with vegetables and some  lettuce salad with oliv oil

5. Which is you favorite team?

Spurs , best team basketball eva

6. Which is your best basketball memories?  trophy? Story to tell?

When I have started as a coach and first time I qualifed my U18  team  in first division we lost every game few time we were so close to victory, but we fight all season with everyone never give up, the team impove so much  and last game we play against the team ranked first that did not loose a game. It was like fayri tale in the end we beat them 104-93 it was the best moment of my coaching carreer. For that team played Mario Hezonja now in Orlando.

7.  How was your season this year?

I had a best season ever with U16 team we played in first divison won a 5th place for us its like winning a championship. U14 played first divison finished 22nd very good result and with U 18 team we played 3 division and won first place.

Senior team played B division goal was to stay in a league we did it, finished 6 out of 12 teams. I was the 1st in scoring and in assist of my team. A lot of our U16 boys played thats why the result is even bigger. It will be hard to do all this next seP1200683ason but we will try

8.  Do you have a message for this summer campers?

I wish you will have great time, lot of fun and hard work, that you all will improve and hope there will be no injuries this summer as we can play all the time.


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